1. Min Invasive THR

a. Am I a candidate for the Mini-incision hip replacement procedure?

The decision to have the MIS Mini-Incision procedure is up to you and your orthopaedic surgeon. Your attending surgeon will consider a number of factors, including:

1. Medical history
2. Weight
3. Health status
4. Anatomical structure, including bone structure and extent and pattern of arthritis.

Your doctor can help you determine if you are a candidate for the MIS Mini-Incision procedure. Hip replacement is considered when:
1. Joint damage is visible on x-ray
2. Pain, swelling, and stiffness in the hip are prevalent
3. Persistent pain and disability interfere with daily life activities
4. Hip motion is extremely limited
5. Nonsurgical interventions, such as medication, physical therapy, and the help of a cane or other walking aid, have failed .

1. The Mini-Incision hip replacement offers significant potential advantages over traditional hip replacement:
2. Smaller incision and scar--one incision as small as 4 – 5 inches in length, rather than the standard 10 – 12 inches incision
3. Shortened hospital stay--possibly three days versus four and a half or more.
4. Faster rehabilitation
5. Little blood loss ( usually no blood transfusion is required for a primary THR These benefits may allow a quicker return to work and daily activities.
To diagnose your condition, an orthopaedic surgeon will perform a thorough examination of your hip, analyse x-rays, and conduct physical tests. You will be asked to describe your pain, if you suffer from other joint pain, and if you have endured past injuries that may have affected your current hip condition.
Your joints will then be tested for strength and range of motion through a series of activities, which include bending and walking. X-rays of your hip joint will indicate any change in size, shape or unusual circumstances.

The final decision to undergo the Mini-incision procedure for total hip replacement is ultimately yours, in consultation with your doctor. As with any surgery, there are risks involved.

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