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My dear friends,

On 23 May 11, I had my LEFT knee joint replaced. It was an experience from which some of you may benefit. Hence, this e-mail.

For nearly four years, I have been suffering from Osteo-Arthritis LEFT Knee Joint. I was told by the Surgical Specialist for replacement. I did not feel like it, so I ignored his decision.

I tried everything. Nothing worked. Ultimately, I had to go through total knee joint replacement. I went around asking from my friends and well wishers for their kind advice. Just before, the final pre-anesthesia test, happened to talk to a dear old friend- a retired Maj Gen, who had got his wife's knee joints replaced. He blew the whistle and told me to go and consult Dr P.V. Kailey. Dr Kailey told me that my LEFT knee joint needed replacement. "Can I postpone it?" I asked. "For a month or so, you can, but not beyond. Your LEFT knee cartilage is totally worn out. You are playing nine holes of golf often and cycling 3 kms daily. Any further delay will result in your Tibia rubbing against Femur and any damage there will be beyond repair ." "Why left knee only?"- was my next question. "I am confident that if I replace your LEFT knee joint now, your Right knee will pull through this life"

Today, 26 days after operation, I walk for I h, climb 20 stairs or more and do everything myself.

There are two different processes I found different from other Hospitals. The operation was done as "Minimal Invasive Surgery QUAD. Sparing (Muscle Sparing) Total Knee Replacement". Does not involve cutting of any muscle or tendon, result in early recovery.
Anesthesia- Epidural Process.

Maj Gen YatindraPratap
86 Banarsi Das Estate
Delhi- 110 054
Tele: 011- 23814199, 23814158
Cell: 09810456533


I am 65 year old lady. I could barely walk as I had a lot of pain in both my knees. I used to take multiple pain killers daily. It was causing acidity in my stomach. Somehow I was afraid to undergo knee replacement surgery. I had already undergone stenting for blockage in my heart artery. I mustered courage and got my first knee joint replacement at a leading hospital in New Delhi. Anuvrat Clinics have experienced joint replacement surgeon.

Few months after my first surgery, I came to know about Dr P.V. Kailey. Almost after one year of my first surgery, I decided to undergo surgery for my other knee by Dr Kailey. I was expecting a scar similar in size and recovery period of around two months as before. To my surprise, when he changed my first dressing, the scar was almost half the size of my first surgery on other knee. After two days, I could walk with stick and on fifth day, I climbed 2-3 stairs. The recovery this time was much faster. It is almost a year now, I regularly go for walk in morning. Thanks to Dr Kailey and his dedicated team, I am able to walk freely without pain killers.

Mrs. Preet Chugh


Dear Dr Kailey,

I just wish to thank you for the bilateral surgery performed by you for replacement of both my knees on 19 October, 2010 . I must confess it has been a wonderful job and within 6 weeks I was able to be fully functional, wherein I was able to climb the stairs for my second floor office. Ever since, I have had no problems including driving and holiday abroad.

I wish to thank you for all that you have done to bring the drastic change in my lifestyle in such a dramatic fashion.
Needless to add there has been number of people who have been contacting me for my experience – which undoubtedly has been wonderful.

Gen. A. K. Sharma
Mob.: 91119350051919


Total knee replacement of both my knees was done by Dr P.V. Kailey and his team, using Minimally Invasive Surgery, with minimal blood loss and I was able to walk without stick on 4th day onwards. I was able to negotiate stairs without any discomfort and entirely on my own.

Dr Kailey is gifted with real qualities of a healer ever ready to comfort the patient . I am grateful to him.

K.P Singh,
Ex. Chief Architect
C.P.W.D. Govt Of India,
New Delhi
Mob - 09891981990


Dear Dr. Kailey,

Heartiest Congratulation for Anuvrat !!
I received your message and immediately checked your website. Special Congratulations from my mother Agya, whose knees were replaced by you in 2006 and she is perfectly alright today. You are like a God for her. Once again Congratulations and Best Wishes for your ambitions and success.

Thanking you.

Yours affectionately,
Mohinder Pal Singh.

Mobile: 9811257078.


Dear Friends

I am a trained Graduate Teacher in Govt. Senior Secondary School, Delhi under Directorate of Education NCT Delhi.

I want to tell you about my knee's pain. I felt severe pain in my both of knees in the month of January 2004. I could not even walk ten to twenty steps. I wept so many times due to my knees pain. I consulted Dr. P.V. Kailey, he advised me to get replacement of both the knees. I was scared about my future, what will happen with me? I began to think about the knees, I had been thinking "Will I be able to walk after replacement of my knees?" Dr. P.V. Kailey told me that – "I will be able to walk the next day of replacement of knees in the room of the hospital as he would be using MINIMALLY INVASIVE TECHNIQUE of knee replacement WITHOUT MUSCLE CUTTING. He answered all the queries which were in my mind about the operation.

I was operated on both knees by the Honourable and intelligent team of Dr. P.V. Kailey in the month of May 2004. By the grace of almighty God, Dr. P.V. Kailey has given me a new life. Now, I can walk easily after the surgery. I can go anywhere without any help of stick. I can drive the car and scooter easily. I am living my life normally. Now I have forgotten about the operation of my knees which was operated in the year 2004. I visited Jammu, Katra and Mata Vaishno Devi in the year 2007.

Recently, I also visited Pathankot, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Mcleod Ganj, Khajjiar, Chamba Distt., Chamunda Devi, Kangara Devi, Jawaladevi, Naina Devi and Kalka Devi Temples, which are situated in mountain areas in the Himachal Pradesh.

God bless Dr. P.V. Kailey and his team.
Vedparkash Gogia
H.No.50, Housing Board Colony
Sector -7 Extn.
Gurgaon, Haryana
Mobile: 9811013018


joint replacement surgeon I suffered from this pain last 2002. I met a friend of mine, who got his Knee Replacement from Dr. PV Kailey and own his advice. I also did the same. My Surgery (Knee Replacement) was hundred percent successful, no pain after the month. In my opinion Dr. Kailey is Expert (Orthopedic) & specialist in Knee Replacement. Besides this he is gentle considerate sympathy friendly and God fearing doctor. I wish all success and to patient also.

Mobile: 98711171394
A1/313 Janak Puri, New Delhi-110058


A. K. SharmaI am a heart patient since 1994 and undergone Bypass Surgery in the year 2004. Unfortunately I was also suffering from Knee Joint Pain right from 2000. This resulted in difficulty in walking. I got in touch with Dr. PV kailey, who replaced my both the Knees in February 2009. I would like to mention here that after only 15 days of my operation I was able to climb stairs well. At present, I am able to do morning walk comfortably for 4 to 5 Hours. My suggestion to patients of Knee Joint pain would be to opt Knee Replacement which might change their life altogether.

F1-102, Seema Apartments Plot No 7, Dwarka, New Delhi


joint replacement surgeonI had Knee joint pains for almost fifteen years starting 1994 and could not decide on joint replacement due to inner fear. Then there was sudden increase in pain. Then we came to know of Dr PV Kailey and I am happy that it proved to be a boon. Replacement of both Knee Joints was done in one session in March 2011, and ever since then, It has worked as natural. I am really thankful to Dr PV Kailey.

B-13F Mayfair Garden, New Delhi-110016
Phone: 9871763030, 9999684353, 011-26858687


joint replacement surgeonI have great pleasure in recording appreciation of the work of Dr. Priyavrat Kailey. He is a renowned orthopedic surgeon and holder of Indo-German Orthopedic Foundation Award in arthroplasty.
Dr. Kailey has been performing joint replacement surgery including Minimally Invasive Single Incision Total Hip Replacement and Minimally Invasive Quadriceps Sparing Total Knee Replacement & Partial (Unicondylar) Knee Replacement using "Mini Mid Vastus" approach.

I can safely vouch for the professional skill and expertise of Dr. Kailey, as I underwent my bilateral total knee replacement (Biomet Signature) on 11th May, 2012 performed by Dr. Kailey & his team. Dr. Kailey is a most unassuming, endearing, jovial and skillful human being. His behaviour and approach towards patient is very positive in creating confidence, hope and cheer for their recovery. I wish Dr. Kailey all success.


joint replacement surgeon I have undergone a very successful, painless and bloodless partial knee surgery performed very ably and successfully by Dr. Priyavrat Kaliey. I was able to walk the very next day after surgery and since I stay in third floor I was able to successfully climb those entire stairs leading up to third floor quite painlessly after my discharge. I wish Dr. Priyavrat Kailey and his team very bes wishes for his continued success.

Mobile 09810634112


knee joint replacement surgeon The not so painful experience with Dr. P.V. Kailey

I had been suffering from left knee joint pain because of a knee injury. A number of visits to the doctors across the city made me nervous as everyone confirmed that I needed a total knee replacement.

On my friend's suggestion I met Dr. Kailey at his Vishal Enclave Clinic. During the counseling session, he explained the whole procedureas if it was taking a cake-walk, as I did not require the total knee replacement at all! And I decided to get the PARTIAL-KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY done.

I would like to add that as promised, it was actually a quick and painless surgery. I was on my feet within 24 hours. The physiotherapy started within a few hours.

Had the ANUVRAT clinic opened earlier, I wouldn't have wasted my precious one and a half years!! A big thank you to the whole team for everything, from my family and me.

A-120, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, N.D.-27


Dear Dr Kailey, Thank you very much for giving new lease of life by an excellent operation performed by you on my right knee. This Partial Knee Replacement surgery had me up & About with in twenty four hours of the operation and very soon I was living a normal life and enjoying all the physical activities. I do recommend this procedure by you to my family and friends so that a large number of people my benefit by your expertise. Thank you very much again.

Mobile: 09811423490


joint replacement surgeon I had knee pain from the last many years and was unable to decide for Knee Replacement. I heard of Dr. P.V. Kailey regarding Partial Knee Replacement Surgery. I underwent surgery on 13 Dec 2012 in only 3 days I am feeling much better and have no pain during walking. It has been an amazing experience.



Joint Replacement Surjeon I had undergone Bilateral Unicondylar (Partial) Knee replacement 5 yrs back. I have no problem with my knees. I am able to walk, climb stairs and even kneel down. Thanks to Dr. Kailey and his team for the wonderful surgery.

Mobile: 9015985280

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