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Customized Knee Through Minimally Invasive Technique
Reality in India for the First Time

What is Personalized Knee Replacement surgery?

It is a technique where your surgeon and the knee replacement engineers work together to design and manufacture, according to your needs special jigs and instruments exclusively for you. These are used during surgery to ensure accurate placement of implants by eliminating "Human Error".

Why is accuracy important?

Knee replacement can fail earlier if the alignment is more than 3 degrees from the optimum position. Patients can be sensitive to the sizing of knee implant.

Too big a size leads to pain and stiffness while too small a size can lead to "Loose" and Unstable knee.

How is the technique performed?

Once you and your knee replacement surgeon have agreed that total knee replacement surgery as required, a MRI scan is organised. This is used to create a 3D model of your knee and to assess the alignment relative to your hip and ankle. The data is used by your surgeon and the manufacturers and the optimum sizing and positioning are agreed. The company then manufacturers 3D sterile instrument guides and moulds of your knee which are used during the surgery to ensure accurate positioning of instruments to perform the operation.

The customized tool manufactured for each individual patient is based on pre-operative MRI anatomy. This tool is pained onto the end of the bones. Bone cutting guides are positioned on these pins to accurately position the implants on the bone and align the leg.

What is Involved in the surgery?

The personalized procedure lends itself to performing muscle sparing surgery and smaller incisions and it does not involve placement of an alignment rod in the thigh bone which can cause more blood loss.

Other advantages?

Blood loss is reduced. Pain is reduced due to a smaller incision and muscle sparing surgery. This may result in quicker recovery and a reduced length of stay. It is intended that if positioning of the knee replacement is more accurate, than the life span of the knee replacement is prolonged.

What is the current level of Experiences?

Dr. P. V. Kailey is a pioneer in performing MINIMALLY INVASIVE Total Knee Replacement Surgery using PATIENT SPECIFIC Knee implants. He is on the first knee replacement surgeon in North India to perform such type of surgery. He has performed more that 1000 Total Knee Replacement Surgery by MINIMALLY INVASIVE approach.

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